Barr Street Quotes – Final Installment

Talking Sidewalks in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The final Barr Street Quotes have been installed. This project has been dubbed, Talking Sidewalks by the City of Fort Wayne.

One of the reasons for the Barr Street project was to make the area more pedestrian-friendly.

According to the City of Fort Wayne’s Tom Cain:

We hope to partner with the History Center or other cultural institution Downtown to make backstories on all these quotes available to inquiring minds, perhaps in the form of a brochure.

The above from comments Mr. Cain wrote in response AroundFortWayne’s Barr Street Quotes post.

Here are the quotes installed during the last quarter of the project:

“Am I urging the study of the Greeks and Romans…for the Atomic Age?
Yes … we have a great civilization to save or to lose.”

– Edith Hamilton, scholar c. 1950.

“The only real failure is
not grasping that opportunity”

– Dr. Nancy Snyderman, news correspondent 2000

“It’s a shame we have to go to Miami…
We should just go to Fort Wayne and
play this (Super Bowl XLI) off.”

– Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts Coach, 2006

“When in doubt, wear red”
– Bill Blass, fashion designer, 2002

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