New Firefighter’s Museum Sign

If you’ve been past the Firefighter’s Museum on Washington Boulevard lately, you may have noticed the post on the left side of the building.

Today, Creative Sign Resources was installing the new sign. It will be lighted and I was told should be visually stunning at night. Look for photos later this week of the completed sign, both during the day and after dark. In the meantime, other photos of the sign are below.

But before you check out the photos, let me just say this. [Start of rant]  I’ve had two emails/comments over the last few months about the amount of signage photos that are featured on this blog. Let me just say, that yes, there is more to the Fort than signage. However, since the advances in sign-making technology have advanced to the point they’re at, signage often adds to the aesthetics of properties, increases the visual appeal of a property and often become landmarks in their own right (ie. the Perfection Bakeries Sunbeam Sign also done by Creative Sign Resources). Besides, I photograph what I find interesting and what is new in the downtown area. If you haven’t walked – note I said walked and not driven – around the downtown area, look at the signs that have popped up. They are making the downtown look more approachable and a place where you want to be.  In short, downtown is really coming alive, not only in events, but visually as well!  [End of rant]


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