Redevelopment Commission Mtg/NIPSCO update

The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission met today.  All Commissioners were in attendance save Judi Wire.  A new face appeared at the table – Stephen Corona, Vice President of the Fort Wayne Community School Board, will now be attending the Redevelopment Commission meetings.  This is a result of House Bill 1001:

SECTION 723. IC 36-7-14-6.1, AS AMENDED BY P.L.190-2005, SECTION 7, IS AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2008]: Sec. 6.1. (a) The five (5) commissioners for a municipal redevelopment commission shall be appointed as follows:
        (1) Three (3) shall be appointed by the municipal executive.
        (2) Two (2) shall be appointed by the municipal legislative body.

     (d) A nonvoting adviser appointed under this section:
        (1) must also be a member of the school board of a school corporation that includes all or part of the territory served by the redevelopment commission;
        (2) is not considered a member of the redevelopment commission for purposes of this chapter but is entitled to attend and participate in the proceedings of all meetings of the redevelopment commission;
        (3) is not entitled to a salary, per diem, or reimbursement of expenses;
        (4) serves for a term of two (2) years and until a successor is appointed; and
        (5) serves at the pleasure of the entity that appointed the nonvoting adviser.

I believe I have cited the correct references to Indiana Code.  Mr. Corona was silent during the meeting.  However just before adjournment, he asked what the exact balance of the Harrison Square contingency fund was, minus the resolutions approved during the meeting.  The response from Greg Leatherman, Executive Director of the Redevelopment Commission, still over $1.5 million.

Resolution 2008-53: Approving the Exercise of Option and the sale of Parcel No. 3 at Southtown Centre

Approved.  The land will have a car wash built on it.  Tract three is North of Firestone.  The Redevelopment Commission will receive 50 percent of the net sales amount.

Resolution 2008-54: Approving funding for public infrastructure improvements in and serving the Jefferson/Illinois Economic Development Area, as amended.

Planning and a pre-construction conference has already occurred for this project as reported by David Ross, City Engineer.  The Redevelopment Commissioners could have chosen not to approve the funding which would have left the city scrambling to find alternative funding.  This mainly involves the Ardmore Avenue and Taylor Street intersection.  It will provide signaling and additional lanes for turning and at least two in each direction.  The project is much needed as anyone who has driven the area can attest to.  It was approved by the Commissioners.  At one point, Leatherman referred to the projects in the area as “Project Creep” and “Project Morphin”.  At the next month’s meeting, a presentation by Bob Kennedy, Public Works, will be given detailing the Ardmore project in whole.

Resolution 2008-46: Approving a contract with Hamilton Hunter for Bid Package #20
(Streetscape, Entry Plaza, Public Park and Parking Lot) for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project

This is the last contract approved for Harrison Square.

Resolution 2008-55: Approving Change Order No. 1 to a contract with Almet, Inc. for Bid Package #5 (Structural Steel) for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project


Resolution 2008-56: Approving Change Order No. 1 to a contract with Fleming Excavating, Inc. for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project

Approved. This saw a $300,000 increase. There were additional ground water handling requirements related to the Hotel and Parking Deck side of the project. The Retail/Condo and Ballpark portion of the project was actually lower. Detention was increased by a third and along Jefferson Boulevard, the size of the lines was increased from 30″ to 36″. New lines were added along Douglas Avenue as well as additional storm inlets. Sanitary grease traps were added to the parking garage and Retail/Condo site as well.

Resolution 2008-57: Approving Change Order No. 1 to a contract with L. A. Electric for Bid
Package #17 (Electrical) for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project

This was a change order resulting from value engineering. Some storage allowances were decreased as well as reductions in the generator package and use of GDF’s instead of shunt trips. Approved.

Resolution 2008-58: Approving Change Order No. 1 to a contract with Schindler Elevator for Bid Package #14 (Hydraulic Elevators) for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project


Resolution 2008-59: Approving Change Order No. 1 to a contract with Thomarios for Bid Package #13 (Painting) for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project.

Approved. This changes the painting of the hand rails from a “field paint” which means after the rails were installed on site to a “shop paint”. This will allow Tomarios to apply a powder coating instead of just painting. It will increase the life of the rails and make them more apropos to the climate of the area. These will be installed in November or December of this year.

Resolution 2008-60: Approving a contract with Avant Group for groundwater monitoring

This contract is to conduct ground water testing on the Old Hubcap Express site, which is now a part of Headwaters Park. Indiana Department of Environmental Management, IDEM, had asked for some analysis a year ago of the site and when they received those reports, asked for additional monitoring. The concern is gasoline in the ground might migrate into the St. Mary’s River or even across Clinton Street. Previous to becoming Hubcap Express, a gas station was located on the site. It is felt that the site will right itself through natural mediation, vs any need for human intervention. Approved.

Resolution: 2008-61: Approving an access agreement between NIPSCO and the Redevelopment Commission

This agreement allows NIPSCO to use parking spaces in the City’s parking lot along Clinton and Superior Streets. It will give them an area to stage from during the Don Hall’s Gas House remediation. Two months ago, the same agreement was approved by the Board of Park Commissioners. It will lease 84 spaces to NIPSCO for $25 per space per month. The project will take place from January 1st until May 31st 2009. After the meeting, I spoke with Greg Leatherman about the project relating that several rumors have been going around that the project was going to be delayed a year or even put off indefinitely. He responded that obviously with this agreement, the project is very much alive and will be happening in the time frame initially released.

Motion to approve MSKD as designers for the Embassy Theatre/Courtyard By Marriott Hotel Walkway

Leatherman asked the Commisisoners to allow the hiring of MSKD for designing the new walkway in the Harrison Square project. To this point, MSKD had only provided some elementary work on the project. The fee for the work will be $25,900. Leatherman reported that White Lodging is moving rapidly towards final construction plans and are on-track to begin construction as spelled out in their contracts with the city. Thom Obergfell asked how MSKD was selected and was told that this contract is for services and was not required to be bid. It was also felt by the Redevelopment staff that MSKD completes quality projects and was the obvious choice.

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