AFW Three Rivers Festival Favorite Foods

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AFW’s pick of the Three Rivers Festival Favorite Foods


AFW Favorite Sandwich

A Sausage sandwich from Pence’s with all the trimmings!  Official website.

AFW Favorite Side

Mr. Beefy’s features three large cast-iron skillets center stage.  They are filled with Onions, Potatoes and usually Sirloin Tips.  You may purchase a complete dinner, however, I love a side of their potatoes with onions on top!  Mmmmmm, tasty!

AFW Favorite Snack

A festival favorite for many!  Deep-fried Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese!  Do I need to say more?  They do have some other choices available, but I have to admit I’m stuck on the Cheddar Cheese!

AFW Favorite Desert

Audrey’s Pumpkin & Gourmet Cake Rolls are a delight!  Chilled, with wonderful textures and delicious filling.  I was introduced to this favorite this year by a co-worker who ranted and raved about them.  I haven’t had this type of dessert since Lock 16 in Ottoville Ohio a couple of decades ago.  Pumpkin was the first I tried and it was an instant love affair.  Then today, while talking with Chris, the owner, I tried the White Raspberry.  While not a big Raspberry fan, it was GREAT!  I have a feeling he doesn’t have a flavor I wouldn’t like!  They also sell complete frozen rolls to take home to enjoy weeks after the festival! Official website.

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