BBQ Ribfest: Slogans and Signage

The 11th Annual BBQ Ribfest

If you visit the BBQ Ribfest today or tomorrow, one of the things you’ll notice is that every one of the establishments has some sort of slogan, usually spelled out in huge letters on their signage.  And what signage it is!  Some of these facades stretch 30-35 feet in the air.  Here’s a look at all the competing BBQ vendor stands and where applicable their sometimes suggestive-in-nature slogans.

Louie’s Hickory Smoked BBQ

No slogan

Jack On The Bone

They actually have several slogans listed on their board and t-shirts available:

Timmy’s BBQ

No slogan

Big Boned BBQ

“We’re Not Fat, We’re Big Boned!”

and their t-shirt

Two Fat Guys Bar-B-Q

“I Love Fat Guys!”

Smokin’ Joe’s Hog Wild Barbeque

“You’ll Love Our Butts!”

Texas Pit Barbeque

“Bone Lickin’ Good”

 Desperado’s BBQ & Rib Co.

“Lick My Ribs”

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