Model T Bicycles Grand Opening Saturday

The Model T Bicycles in Headwaters Park

The Model T Bicycle rentals will be opening Saturday, May 31, 2008 in Headwaters Park downtown. This is great entertainment for the whole family, and pretty reasonably priced as well. In fact, they haven’t raised their prices since first opening four years ago – the only thing that hasn’t gone up! Also new this year, instead of having to close down entirely during the Three Rivers Festival, they will be relocating for a three-week period over to Old Fort Wayne, but more on that later.  In the meantime, I’ll let you read their official press release for all the current details:

Celebrates 4th Season   ~  Keeps  Prices Same as in 2005

Model T Bicycle Rentals is pleased to announce that it will be re-opening for its fourth season in Headwaters Park on Saturday, May 31st.

In efforts to keep costs reasonable for Fort Wayne residents and visitors during these tough economic times,  Model T has decided to not raise it rates and will instead keep costs at $10 per Model T Horseless Carriage ride.  Since it debuted in 2005, Model T has kept its price at $10 per each family-friendly ride.

In July, the minimum wage will increase and Model T, like many other businesses, may have to raise their rates.  However, if 2,520 rides are purchased during the month of June, then Model T will be able to keep the 2005 rate of $10 per ride through its entire 2008 season.  Rides may be purchased through Model T’s Online Ticket Booth.

The rentals are located on the East side of Headwaters Park next to the world famous fountain.  So, take a ride and cool down in the fountain afterwards.  If you drive down Clinton Street you will be able to spot them on the left side of the street.
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