Madge Rothschild Pavilion Dedication

Press release from the Headwaters Park Alliance regarding the new Madge Rotschild Pavilion dedicated on May 7, 2008.


The Headwaters Park Alliance received a $300,000 grant from a private source to fund the expansion of the small open air pavilion, located on the west festival plaza in Headwaters Park.  The gift is from the Rothschild Foundation and was made possible from foundation directors Marlene Buesching and Bob Wagner.

Geoff Paddock, Executive Director of the Headwaters Park Alliance, received permission from the Board of Park Commissioners to move forward to construct the addition and name the new expanded pavilion the Madge Rothschild Pavilion.  The addition was financed entirely by the Rothschild grant, and did not involve tax dollars.

“The former open air pavilion covered about 1,600 square feet of space on the west festival plaza.  It has been used for festivals, not for profit events, receptions and weddings,” Paddock said.  “This 2,000 square foot expansion more than doubles the pavilion size and allows for more use of the west festival plaza.  It is also architecturally compatible with the unique design of Headwaters park,” Paddock said.

Construction of the pavilion began on October 2, 2007, and was completed on schedule and within budget on May 1, 2008.  The dedication of the new building occured on May 7.

Madge Rotshchild was a community activist, philanthropist, and amateur golfer, who gave much of her wealth away.  She died in 2005.

“The Headwaters Park Alliance felt it was appropriate to name the pavilion after Madge Rothschild, given her standing in the community and generosity of this gift.  As you may recall, the east festival pavilion, constructed in 2005, was named the Lincoln Financial Pavilion, after receiving a substantial gift from the Lincoln Financial Foundation,” Paddock said.

The Headwaters Park Alliance (formerly Commission) raised over $10 million to build Headwaters Park in the 1990s.  They have a contract with the Parks Department to maintain and manage the park, festival center and ice rink.  The Alliance also raised funds to establish a maintenance endowment for the park, build the Lincoln Pavilion, install the outdoor ice rink, plant trees and make other improvements to the park since its completion in 1999.  Expansion of the west pavilion is the latest effort by the Alliance to continue to operate and improve Headwaters Park.

Dedication Ceremony for the Madge Rothschild Pavilion

Click the above photo for more photos from the Dedication Ceremony

Special thanks to Geoff Paddock and Shelley for their assistance with the captions!

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