Redevelopment Meeting and Public Hearing – 5/12/2008

The agenda for the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission meeting has been posted.  NOTE that the meeting time has been moved to 4:30 PM.  There are two Harrison Square related items:

Resolution 2008-39

Approving an increase in a contract for civil engineering and geotechnical/testing services for Engineering Resources Inc. (ERI) for the Harrison Square project

Resolution 2008-40

Approving Change Order #1 to a contract with Contract Dewatering Services

Public Hearing

In addition, a public hearing is to be held at 5 PM regarding amending three Economic Development Areas (EDA).  These amendments will affect “pure public right of way – not property” and will not take a single dime of revenues away from coffers to be put into TIFF districts or such.  This according to Greg Leatherman, Executive Director Redevelopment.  For more information and a better explanation, read Jeff Pruitt’s post, Redevelopment Commission To Expand TIF Districts.

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  1. Another attempt by our Redevelopment Department to change the rules so that an unelected commission (and a group of employees of the City of Fort Wayne) can have the final say – instead of our elected Common Council – on a subject of vital interest to ALL Fort Wayne property taxpayers. That subject is “It is not correct to tell people that TIF revenues CANNOT be used toward our General Property Tax Levies – Schools, City Operating, et al” The Indiana Code plainly states, ” When all planned obligations – paying off bonds, lease/bond schemes, et al – the balance in these funds shall revert to the needs of the General Property Tax Levies”.
    This is just a way to circumvent the applicable Indiana Code – by creating NEW USES for the funds! And it is WRONG!


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