Reminder – VOTE Today!

Just a friendly reminder to vote in the primary today.  It is important for everyone to voice their opinion, and you do this by casting your ballot for the candidate(s) that resonated the most with you over these past months.  I am excited about this election for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost is the excitement of friends and family that haven’t shown an interest in the elections for years.  Hopefully this will start some momentum that will only increase through the November General Elections and beyond.  For too long, a majority in our community have felt disenfranchised and uninterested.  You CAN make a difference – no matter who you vote for.  Clinton, Obama, Long-Thompson, Schellinger, Daniel – doesn’t make a difference who, as long as you vote.  On my way downtown this morning, I passed a group of Obama supporters on a corner waving banners and signs.  Hasn’t it been great to be in Fort Wayne the past few months?

End of today’s sermon – you may now throw coins or small denomination bills!


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