February Flood Damage

Clean up of the February flood damage was held up by the weather.  Now that things have thawed out, the damage has become apparent.

Swinney Park East Pond

photo taken April 5, 2008

Photo taken October 21, 2007

The grass and other plants planted around the pond last Summer, were washed away by the flood.  If you remember, flood waters covered the entire park by several feet.  More photos and links on the next page.

Headwaters Park

Photo taken April 15, 2008

Photo taken September 22, 2007

The flood waters in Headwaters Park washed mulch out of the beds on both sides of Clinton Street as well as other areas of the park.  Grass in this park was relatively unharmed as it’s had several years to establish itself.  The trees lining Clinton have shallow roots.  At this point, permanent damage will probably be minimal.  More photos on the next page.

More photos from Swinney Park Pond

More photos from Headwaters Park

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