Weird Posts?

If you have noticed some strange posts that suddenly disappear, I want you to know that we have not lost our minds.  I have been setting up the blog’s capability to retreieve e-mail messages and turn them into blog posts.  This will also extract photos from my camera phone and place them into the post as well.  I am not sure how this will work out.  One thing that will be a problem is typing a message with the keypad of my cell phone.  Another is the resolution of the cell phone’s camera.Â

For the time being, the subject line in these posts will probably be all the text or explanation that will be given until I have a chance to later edit the post on the computer.  Also, until I get the mime-types (Geek-speak) figured out in the software, I will have to send multiple photos in single posts.Â

Ah, technology!  Stay tuned, I will probably attempt a few photos tomorrow to make sure everything is running.


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