Cell Tower: Round 2 – Approved

I’ve had this on my list to comment on. March 27, 2008 saw the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) approval of the Cell Tower at the Bushey’s location on Fairfield Avenue.

Bushey's on Fairfield

In the Journal Gazette’s article of March 28th, Andy Downs states:

The city often asks cell phone tower developers to keep projects at or below 120 feet, but the taller tower will allow more wireless carriers to install antennas on a single structure, board member Andy Downs said. This project can accommodate up to five carriers. That capacity should limit the number of towers carriers need to build in that area, he said.

“The more (antenna) locations we can put on that tower, the better,” Downs said.

In an earlier article, it was suggested that the City needs a comprehensive plan regarding Cell Tower placement.  I stated, and I feel the above comments back this up, that the BZA is the stopgap in regards to Cell Towers running amok in downtown erecting towers everywhere you look.  The BZA is to be congratulated for asking the hard questions of developers.  I still feel that signal strength downtown is more than adequate and will be even when Harrison Square becomes reality.  This should also be a lesson to citizens in the City that you will be heard. 




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