The Lawton Greenhouse

If you’re like myself, you’re ready for Spring and all the things that go with it: green grass, sprouting leaves on the trees and of course all the beautiful flowers.  Recently, I visited the Lawton Greenhouse to visit and find out what happens in the greenhouse.  My ulterior motive was to whet my appetite for the upcoming season of flowers.

I met with Lynda Heavrin at the Greenhouse on March 10, 2008 for a quick tour and lots of photos of the various flowers and foliage. The Greenhouse raises flowers for the Botanical Conservatory, Parks in Fort Wayne, the Mother’s Day Plant Sale, The Tulip Tree Gift Shop, School Children’s Plant and Vegetable Association, The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and the Annual Plant Sale at the Foellinger Theatre.

The Greenhouse facilities are made up of several different sections.  The biggest section in the middle of the facility is 40 years old.  The basic design of greenhouses hasn’t changed much over the years, so the facilities serve their purpose at the moment.  The plastic that forms the roof of the greenhouses is changed every four or five years.  Plants are grown from seeds and cuttings from plants.  The displays are planned in advance and are often elborate in design as in evidence at Freimann Square or the Lakeside Park Rose Gardens to mention a couple of venues. 

My hat is off to the folks at the Greenhouse and the Parks department for the beautiful displays that sustain us through the grey summer months!

Flowers in full bloom

Flowers in full bloom

The foliage in the Greenhouse

Full photos from the Greenhouse


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