Ewing Street properties for sale

Four properties along Ewing Street recently had a sign placed announcing they are for sale.The properties are 1124 (Boarded up), 1126 (set back from the street, occupied), 1130 (occupied) and 1226 (vacant lot) Ewing Street.

Four properties along Ewing Street are up for sale by their Indianapolis owner

The For Sale sign announcing the properties have a combined 141 feet of street frontage.

One of the signs announcing Ewing Street property sale

I contacted the current owner of the properties who resides in Indianapolis and spoke with him about the signs.  He said he was aware of the recent acquisitions by National Oil in Bluffton.  He has been approached by developers, but nothing solid has happened yet.  He would not share his asking price with me.  Best of luck to him and my appreciation for speaking with me.

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