Problem half solved – update

A letter to the editor appeared in today’s Journal Gazette regarding the Calhoun Street block between Washington and Jefferson Boulevards. It was probably written before the markers were placed to define the lanes more clearly, although it’s clear that hasn’t happened. I’m glad I’m not the only one concerned about this stretch of street.

Calhoun Street is dangerous

Every morning on the way to work I see an accident waiting to happen. Between Washington and Jefferson boulevards Calhoun Street going north had two lanes until the sidewalk improvements and now has just one. The yellow line is hard to see, especially in the dark. The streetlights seem to indicate that there are two lanes. The previous block was two lanes. The next block is two lanes. This block is down to one, but there are cars going in an imaginary second northbound lane ready to turn onto Washington.

I have seen the imaginary-lane cars go straight while the law-abiding drivers want to turn left into the path of the errant car or oncoming cars. Thankfully at 7:30 .a.m. there isn’t a lot of traffic. The Street Department needs to put in and brighter lines and new signs.


For the record, I did forward my email to Brad Baumgartner of the Streets Department, but to date, no response has been received and the problem still exists.

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