Harrison Square Staging Area – City Council approval

Fort Wayne City Council approved the lease between the Redevelopment Commission and Norfolk Southern Railroad for the Harrison Square staging area.  There was again discussion about the possible purchase of the area, however it was stated that the Railroad was easy to talk with about leasing, however not so easy when discussion turned to possible purchase.  Councilman Timothy Pape asked whether the Railroad was asked about possible beautification of the property.  Greg Leatherman, Redevelopment Commission, responded that it had not been discussed and that the Railroad was more concerned about the structure on the other end of the property along Harrison Street.  This has become an eyesore and is in need of desperate attention.   I’ll let you listen to the mp3 clip for the entire discussion.  I apologize in advance for the poor quality.  It is audible, you might need to turn up your volume – don’t forget to resume your normal volume after finishing.

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mp3 clip – mp3 file

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pdf file of this document – R-08-02-02 (Courtesy of FWOb)

Wabash Freight Depot

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