Allen County Courthouse – The Birds!

While taking pictures on the Lincoln Tower Observation Deck, I noticed there weren’t any birds on the Allen County Courthouse.  I’ve been trying for the last couple of years to capture some detail photos of the Gargoyles and Clocks just below the dome.  I was able to snap a few of the Gargoyles, but imagine my surprise when I downloaded them to the computer and was able to see the droppings left behind by the birds.


Link to the photo set

I wonder how often this type of mess has to be cleaned, or if at all.  I would not imagine it would be good for the building let alone the copper domes for this type of mess to sit there too long.  At the Lincoln Tower, they have a system that periodically omits what I believe to be a Falcon Shriek.  This shriek scares birds away from the building – not to mention the occasional pedestrian.  Contrast it with this photo taken October 5, 2006:

That’s a lot of birds and droppings!

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