Harrison Square’s legality questioned

I was reading today’s Journal Gazette this evening when I noticed the above captioned article buried in the Metro Section under the Briefs heading.  I almost thought I’d picked up an old newspaper until I double checked the date.  I remember reading about him asking the Attorney General to look into it in July.  Anyway, you can read the article here. 

It seems that John Kalb has again asked the Indiana State Board of Accounts and the Indiana Attorney General to examine issues surrounding land purchases in the Square.    Kalb has asked the AG to go to court to tell the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission it broke the law in how it bought the property.  The article reports that, “Kalb said it is too late to stop Harrison Square, but he said it is important the rules are followed on future projects.” 

After reading the above article, I was poking around the News Sentinel website and found another article dated September 25.  I’m wondering if the State Board of Accounts has certified their report and this is a follow-up from Kalb asking the AG to look into the matter further? 

“Kalb received a letter from the office of Attorney General Steve Carter that says the report looks into issues Kalb raised in a letter to the office. It also says if the Board of Accounts certifies the report, Carter’s office can ask for repayment of funds.”

“Mike Bozymski, the deputy state examiner with the Board of Accounts, said the report has not been certified.”

Who knows?

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