Harrison Square Walkway agreement

According to Deputy Mayor Mark Becker, the walkway agreement between the City and the Embassy Theatre will be presented to the Redevelopment Commission and then later to the Local Historic Preservation Board on Monday at their meetings.

He shared with me earlier today:  “[We have been…] working toward not just what we need to accomplish because of the agreements with White Lodging – but trying to partner with the Embassy to accomplish some additional things in the Indiana Hotel that will position the upper floors building for re-use and it just makes sense if we can do all that at once rather than separately.  It kind of accelerates - hopefully accelerates the reuse of the upper floors which is the goal we’ve had for many, many years, so it’s kind of exciting.”

 The Redevelopment Commission Meeting is Monday, November 26, 2007 in room 810 in the City-County Building at 4 PM. 

The Local Historic Preservation Board will meet in the Omni Room at 5:30 PM in the City-County Building.


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