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2013 HolidayFest logo

2014 HolidayFest holiday traditions in downtown Fort Wayne

Whether keeping or starting a holiday tradition, join us for HolidayFest in beautiful Downtown Fort Wayne featuring the Night of Lights on November 26th.
2013 HolidayFest logo

Downtown Holiday Traditions

Downtown HolidayFest continues through the end of the year with performances, festivals, art events, Holly Trolley Shopping, and so much more.

Tonight’s downtown HolidayFest activities

The Downtown HolidayFest kicks off tonight with the annual, 'Night of Lights'.  Full listing below, also check out the page of video previews.   Lighting Ceremonies...

Second year of Mayor’s Commercial Facade Grants announced

Press release from the City of Fort Wayne dated March 10, 2010: Second year of Mayor's Commercial Facade Grants to infuse nearly $1 million of...

Where’d the Pigeons go?

There almost always seems to be a huge congregation of pigeons on the Allen County Courthouse rotunda. But, during a walk around downtown earlier today,...

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #05

5 - Downtown Fort Wayne Skyline The Downtown Fort Wayne skyline as seen from the St. Mary's River and Spy Run Creek confluence.

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #18

Moon Over Fort Wayne Indiana  

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #21

21 - Downtown seen through an MLK Montessori School window 9/25/2007 - Downtown Fort Wayne seen through a MLK Montessori School window. The school was...