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TinCaps nominated for MiLB’s top award

Following a record-setting season at Parkview Field, the Fort Wayne TinCaps are a finalist for the top annual award in Minor League Baseball (MiLB).
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TinCaps to expand protective netting

The TinCaps plan to expand the protective netting at Parkview Field in 2016 to the far end of each dugout.
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Parkview Field ranked ninth Best Stadium Experience

Parkview Field on the front cover of Stadium Journey's January 2016 issue, which includes a ranking of the Top 100 Stadium Experiences.
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TinCaps: Opening Day tickets go on sale for holidays – today!

Tickets for the TinCaps Opening Day 2016 are set to go on sale today!
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Gallup strengths training supports student-career connections

Representatives from Northeast Indiana's business community and from area New Tech high schools are taking part in Gallup Strengths Coaching training.
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Fort Wayne’s 46807 ZIP code showcased in new community event – UnZIP 07

On Saturday, Sept. 20, from 5-9 p.m., Wunderkammer Company will launch a new community event, UnZIP 07: A Pop Up Gallery Hop.