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SWA Big Reveal recap

SWA Group’s video recap of The Big Reveal

SWA Group has released their own video recap from the Big Reveal held on February 4, 2015.
The Big Reveal

Photos and video from last month’s Big Reveal

Photos and video from last month's Big Reveal of the SWA Group's riverfront development master plan.
Riverfront Fort Wwayne logo

Opinion: City Councilman John Crawford weighs in on riverfront development

Fort Wayne City Councilman John Crawford (R-At-Large), recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Journal Gazette.
Headwaters Junction Conceptual Drawing

Headwaters Junction release and interview with Kelly Lynch

During the Big Reveal Wednesday night, the center piece of the proposed 1st phase of riverfront development, was Headwaters Junction.
City of Fort Wayne seal

Promenade recommended as first phase for riverfront development

The City's riverfront consultant, SWA Group, tonight recommended building a waterfront promenade as the first phase of Fort Wayne's downtown riverfront.
City of Fort Wayne seal

Photo contest winners to be displayed at the Big Reveal February 4th

Mayor Tom Henry is inviting citizens to see the top photos of the Riverfront Fort Wayne photo contest during the February 4 Big Reveal event.
City of Fort Wayne seal

City of Fort Wayne: The Big Reveal

The City of Fort Wayne has scheduled a night for The Big Reveal of the riverfront development plans for downtown Fort Wayne Indiana.
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The Big Reveal: See final recommendations from riverfront consultants

Area citizens are invited to see the final recommendations from the riverfront consultants at a public meeting on February 4, 2015.