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Japanese Pavilion Construction Photos

Photos taken March 29, 2008 of the Swinney Park Japanese Pavilion, under construction.

Swinney Park Japanese Pavilion Construction

Construction has resumed on the new Japanese Pavilion in Swinney Park West. Click the above photo for the updates

Swinney Park Flooding – 2/9/2008

More flooding photos from Swinney Park this time.  The photos were taken on February 9, 2008.  I am still working my way through the...

Swinney Park Ice Sculptures

The flood waters have receded, but remnants of ice are everywhere.  Some look like geological formations more fitting to a canyon than a park...

Flood photos from Thursday, 2/7/2008

Because of the sheer volume of photos I've taken in the last 3 days, something around 1,500 I'm trying a new gallery feature.  I...

Several Photo Updates

Several photo updates from photos taken over the last weekend.  Steininger Center Subway Sandwiches La Hartz Trophies & Awards (renovation completed) Harrison Square 2 updates: January 11, 2008 and January...