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City of Fort Wayne seal

Streets closed due to high water, pumps running

City Utility, Street Department and Flood Control staff members worked through the night combating flash flooding that hit the area due to more than 3 inches of rain that fell overnight.

Clinton Street/Spy Run Creek Bridge Public Hearing – 10/27/2009

Note: Actually, this is the Clinton Street Bridge over the Spy Run Creek. I'm hoping the Administration wasn't consulted about the date and...

Text: 2009 State of the City address

Mayor Tom Henry's State of the City address as prepared for delivery on February 12, 2009, at the Public Safety Academy.

Low River Levels and Erosion

Last Monday, August 18th, the City of Fort Wayne raised the Tainter Gate at the Hosey Dam to allow river levels in the city...

Flood Photos from Friday, 2/8/2008

Here are some flood photos taken last Friday in various areas of the city. I am still working on the backlog of photos. Johnny Appleseed...

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #05

5 - Downtown Fort Wayne SkylineThe Downtown Fort Wayne skyline as seen from the St. Mary's River and Spy Run Creek confluence.

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #16

16 - Lawton Park Pedestrian Bridge 5/4/2007 - Again with the colors. This is the Lawton Park Pedestrian Bridge over the Spy Run Creek on...