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New development planned for downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana: The Pearl

Today, the City of Fort Wayne Indiana announced it is partnering with Sweetwater founder Surack Enterprises to redevelop a downtown block adjacent to the former Aunt Millie's bakery and The Bradley boutique hotel.
AFW #TBT: Where in the world is the Sunbeam Bread sign?

AFW #TBT: Where in the world is the Sunbeam Bread sign?

In celebration of 70 years of baking Sunbeam Bread, AroundFortWayne journeys back to 2007 when the iconic downtown Sunbeam Bread sign celebrated 50th years.
70 years of making Sunbeam Bread in Fort Wayne

70 years of making Sunbeam Bread in Fort Wayne

In 1944, Aunt Millie's Bakeries (then Perfection Biscuit Company) in Fort Wayne became a member of Quality Bakers of America (QBA) and began baking Sunbeam Bread.

Aunt Millie’s strike ends

Press release from Aunt Millie's: Aunt Millie's strike ends The Aunt Millie's strike has ended. Friday night Teamsters local #580 in Lansing and Teamsters local #164...

Opnion: Aunt Millie’s withdraws vacation request

Ben Lanka is reporting on the Journal Gazette website that Aunt Millie's has withdrawn it's partial vacation request of Pearl Street. They were asking that...

Pearl Street vacation

The proposed partial Pearl Street vacation was discussed this evening at City Council. A public hearing was held this evening, however, I arrived late at...

City Council agenda – 7/14/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council meets tonight in Committee and Regular Sessions at 5:30 pm in room 128 of the City-County Building.  The agenda...

2007 video clips

httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICJiDCO5gJM During the past week, I've discovered several video clips from 2007.  I have uploaded them to YouTube.    The above video clip is of...

Aunt Millie’s Santa Lighting Celebration Tonight

From an email from Aunt Millie's Bakeries: On your way to the Santa lighting on Thanksgiving Eve, stop by the Aunt Millie's parking lot for...

Perfection Bakery Christmas Display

Congratulations to Brian Spaulding for correctly identifying Perfection Bakery as the building recently decorated for Christmas.  In past years, Perfection has tried several types...