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Candidate Smith’s response to Crawford

Mayoral candidate Tim Smith statement on John Crawford's campaign accusations.

Mixed-use riverfront project unveiled

Mayor Tom Henry was joined today by representatives of Continental Property Group to announce a proposal to bring a $61.7 million mixed-use development to the City of Fort Wayne's riverfront.
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$505M to local governments announced

Governor Pence today announced that local governments will receive $435 million in LOIT funds that can be used for transportation infrastructure maintenance.
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Pence signs Regional Cities bill into law

Governor Pence signed into law bills which will provide more than $1.2billion for road and bridge preservation and funding for the third Regional Cities award.
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Councilmen offer fiscal reforms

City Councilmen Mitch Harper, R-4th and Russ Jehl, R-2nd today shared highlights of their vision for changes to the 2014 City Budget without raising income taxes.
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Allen County to City: LOIT increase leaves some without representation

As fellow elected officials, we certainly understand the difficult choices you are facing as you look to deal with the City of Fort Wayne's anticipated financial problems in 2014.