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City of Fort Wayne

Restaurants against Food and Beverage tax increase

List of Fort Wayne, Indiana, restaurants that are opposed to an increase in food and beverage tax as provided by the Fort Wayne City Council.

King Gyros Reopened

King Gyros resumed business this past week.  The remodeling is completed and the building looks great!   They still have to place furniture in...

King Gyros – New Look

The King Gyros renovations are nearing completion.  The new paint scheme and look of the building are now visible.  The photo below is of...

King Gyros Photos – 9/7/2008

Click the above image for the photo set Renovations continue, although the new roofline is now visible.

King Gyros Photo Updates

The above photo is from today's photo updates.  There's also a photo date posted August 30, 2008.

King Gyros Renovation Photos – 8/24/2008

Click here for the photo set. Work on the downtown King Gyros continues.  The restaurant is now closed as work on the kitchen progresses. In a...

King Gyros Renovation

Renovation began on the downtown King Gyros this week.  The facade will be replaced as well as a stainless steel kitchen installed.  I'd earlier...

King Gyros Renovations

The King Gyros, at the Northwest corner of the Jefferson Boulevard and Webster Street intersection, will under go renovation beginning Monday.  The renovations will be...