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Stutzman votes for lower gas prices and job creation

News release from Congressman Marlin Stutzman: Stutzman Votes for Lower Gas Prices and Job Creation(Washington, D.C. - May 11, 2011) - With the high price...

Broken Record – Another Gas Price Record

I know, a broken record post - gas prices jumped around 20 cents today to $4.19 at most locations.The above two maps are from...

Gas Price Hike – Surprise!

Well, we made it a whole week without setting another historic gasoline price record.The above map was added two days after the spike pictured...

Gasoline Price Hike – 5/13/2008

Gasoline hit a new record today, $3.95 per gallon while Diesel continues to edge ever closer to the $5 mark.Other AFW photos of Historic...

Another Gasoline Record – Surprise!

Gasoline hit another record high price today.  The price at most stations is $3.85 per gallon, while a few have been reported at $3.87.From...

Nationwide Gas Prices

If you're looking to move out of Fort Wayne, you might wish to consult this website before making a decision.

Gas Price Jump

Gas has jumped to $3.75 per gallon

New High Gas Price

Gas prices hit a new high Tuesday.  The price per gallon hit $3.65 per gallon.  The previous record was $3.59 set May 22, 2007.

Yesterday’s Gas Price Hike

Gasoline prices jumped 20 cents yesterday to $3.45.  While this was not a record high for Fort Wayne, it was a huge jump in...