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Two-thirds of Americans are likely to use high-speed rail in America if available, according...

According to a survey by the American Public Transportation Association, if high-speed rail were available, two-thirds of Americans are likely to use it.
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Video from 9-city agreement for passenger rail media availability

Video from nine-city agreement for passenger rail media availability.
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Environmental evaluation of rail corridor to be pursued

MORPC and Columbus and Marysville are ready for the next phase of the exploration of a proposed Columbus to Chicago High-Speed Passenger Rail Corridor.
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Nine mayors to sign agreement supporting Chicago-Fort Wayne-Columbus passenger rail corridor

Nine city mayors announce they will sign a memorandum of agreement calling for the development of a Chicago-Fort Wayne-Columbus passenger rail corridor.

Vice President Biden announces six year plan to build national high-speed rail network

Press release from the White House: Vice President Biden Announces Six Year Plan to Build National High-Speed Rail Network Plan Lays Out Vision for Long Term...

U.S. Department of Transportation redirects $1.195 Billion in High-Speed Rail Funds

Press release from the US Department of Transportation: U.S. Department of Transportation Redirects $1.195 Billion in High-Speed Rail Funds(WASHINGTON) - U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood...

Indiana receives $71.4 million in high-speed rail funds

Press release from INDOT: Indiana Receives $71.4 million in High-Speed Rail Funds Grant to Address Country's Most Delay-Prone Intercity Passenger Rail Line(GARY, Ind. - January 28,...

Roundtable discussion to help shape Administration transportation initiative

Press release from the US Department of Transportation: Vice President Biden, Secretary LaHood Meet with Governors on Future of U.S. High-Speed Rail Roundtable Discussion Last in...

High Speed Rail to Vegas?

From the AP via CBSnews.com:Coming Soon: High Speed Rail to Vegas? Dept. of Transportation Designation Brings Long Sought-After Route Closer to RealityU.S. Transportation Secretary...

Why America is ready to get on the fast track

The following video clip is from April 13, 2009.From the MSNBC website: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in his own words, on the country lagging behind...