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Going Going Gone - 3 days left!

Going, Going, Gone – 3 days left!

Ten years ago today, the countdown to the closing of the downtown Belmont Beverage store was in its final days.

Belmont Beverage Demolition Anniversary

      Today marks the one year anniversary of the Belmont Beverage demolition downtown.  This started an almost three-month demolition phase of the project in which...

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #24

#24 Belmont Beverage Demolition  Cloudy, stormy day, but sentimental value calls for inclusion.  The Belmont Beverage demolition began on July 26, 2007.  This was the start...

Downtown Belmont Beverage Closing Soon

Good Bye Downtown Last Day March 31st Watch For Gala Grand Closing Closing to make room for the Harrison Square project.   Please note: this post was added to this...