2022 Primary Election – Local offices

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Allen County Indiana, New Haven, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, races on the 2022 Primary Election Ballot:

Allen County Assessor:

  • *Stacey O’Day (R)

Allen County Auditor:

  • *Nicholas D. Jordan (R)

Allen Circuit Court Clerk:

  • *Christopher (Chris) Nancarrow (R)

Allen County Board of Commissioners, District 2:

  • *Therese M. Brown (R)

Allen County Board of Commissioners, District 3:

  • *Richard (Rich) Beck (R)

Allen County Council, District 1:

  • *Sheila R. Curry-Campbell (D)

Allen County Council, District 2:

  • *Thomas A. (Tom) Harris (R)

Allen County Council, District 3:

  • *Joel M. Benz (R)

Allen County Council, District 4:

  • *Chris A. Spurr (R)

Allen County Prosecuting Attorney:

  • *Karen Richards (R)

Allen County Recorder:

Allen County Sheriff:

  • *David J. Gladieux (R) – Two-term limit for this office preclude Sheriff Gladieux from running in the 2022 election.
  • Troy Hershberger (R) – Announced on February 17, 2021 | AFW posts
  • Mitch McKinney (R) – Announced on October 15, 2020 | AFW posts


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