ISP: High-speed vehicle crash on I-469

high-speed vehicle crash I-469 Indiana State Police

Indiana State Police news release concerning a high-speed vehicle crash on I-469:

Indiana State Police Investigate High Speed Vehicle Crash on I-469

FORT WAYNE INDIANA (January 12, 2021) – Shortly after 7:00pm yesterday evening, Indiana State Police Sergeant Kris Coffey was patrolling on I-469 near Winchester Road, when he observed a black Kia Optima passenger car traveling eastbound at a speed over 110mph. As Sgt. Coffey caught up to the Kia Optima, he turned on his red/blue emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop near the S. Anthony Boulevard Extended overpass (10.5mm).

The driver, later identified as Soe La Mar, 18, of Fort Wayne, immediately braked hard while entering a curve at this location, which then resulted in a loss of vehicle control. The vehicle entered into an uncontrolled spin, ran off the roadway to the right and crashed down in the side ditch. The car rolled over several times prior to coming to rest.

Sgt. Coffey immediately called for fire rescue and medical personnel to respond to the scene. Amazingly, the driver was able to exit the vehicle on his own accord, suffering only very minor injury, which can only be attributed to the effective use of a seat belt combined with vehicle airbag technology that successfully deployed.

Fort Wayne Fire Department personnel continued their response to the scene to handle a minor fuel spill, and Three Rivers Ambulance Authority paramedics checked the driver at the scene, with the driver refusing further medical assistance. The vehicle was a total loss and had to be removed from the scene by Blue Eagle Towing.

The driver was cited for charges related to speeding and reckless driving, charges which will be submitted to and pending with the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office.

Sgt. Coffey was assisted in this crash investigation by several troopers from the Fort Wayne Post, the Fort Wayne Fire Department, TRAA medics, and Blue Eagle Towing.

Troopers at the Fort Wayne Post continue to see increased incidents of excessive high speed violations (exceeding 100mph) on our area highways. It goes without saying, but operating at such high speeds is extremely reckless behavior, and even under the best road and traffic conditions, often leads to tragic outcomes. Drivers are urged to always abide by the posted speed limits, and to drive with due regard and utmost concern for the safety of others. Motorist that observe these high speed violations are urged to call 911 when safe to do so, and report these incidents so that law enforcement can intervene.

*All criminal defendants are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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