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News release from the Lutheran Health Network:

Lutheran Medical Group centralizes seven specialized clinics for advanced heart care at Lutheran Hospital
Heart and Vascular Center offers team of skilled physicians in one location

(February 9, 2016) – Working with Lutheran Hospital administrators and staff, Lutheran Medical Group continues to usher in the next generation of specialized heart care through the consolidation of seven clinics that comprise its Heart and Vascular Center. Located on the Lutheran campus in Medical Office Building Two, 7910 W. Jefferson Blvd., Ste 120, each clinic within the center focuses on treatment options for patients with complex heart or blood vessel conditions.

Among the seven clinics are a dedicated pulmonary hypertension clinic and a limb salvage clinic, the only designated clinics for these conditions found in northern Indiana. Other first and only heart-related procedures available through LMG physicians include a percutaneous mitral valve repair system called MitraClip, atrial septal defect closure, patent foramen ovale closure and ventricular septal defect repair.

“The wide range of the heart care clinics now available through Lutheran Medical Group creates a unique environment that no other provider offers in northern Indiana,” said Craig Dunker, CEO, Lutheran Medical Group.

The clinics within the Heart and Vascular Center focus on distinct aspects of care, including:

  1. Advanced heart failure
  2. Amputation prevention
  3. Aneurysm care
  4. Atrial fibrillation (AFib) and stroke prevention
  5. Pulmonary hypertension
  6. Structural heart and valve disorders
  7. Vascular disease medicine

“The primary purpose of the Heart and Vascular Center is to simplify how care is given to the patient while creating a care team model that enables cardiologists and specialty physicians to better support the patients’ needs,” said Vijay Chilakamarri, MD,* interventional cardiologist, Lutheran Medical Group. “Our physicians are committed to and have a personal interest in these subspecialties. Each clinic is being run by physicians whom are dedicated to advancing their expertise in those specific fields.”

The outpatient clinics are the next step for patients requiring advanced cardiac or vascular services. Once evaluated, treatment remains a collaborative effort between primary care physicians, specialists and patients.

The dedicated 4,900-square-foot space has five exam rooms, and two of the seven clinics will operate any given weekday. Nurse navigators will assist patients by helping manage their care, with each nurse dedicated to certain clinics. Patients may self-refer.


Advanced heart failure clinic
As heart failure progresses, patients often require additional assistance. The advanced heart failure clinic focuses on transitioning patients from an inpatient setting to stable outpatient care, optimizing management and treatment of heart failure and reducing the risk of hospital readmission. This clinic’s purpose is to evaluate patients with severe heart failure to determine advanced surgical therapy options, including ventricular assist device implantation or heart transplantation.

Amputation prevention clinic
Severe peripheral artery disease may lead to poor circulation in the legs and feet that becomes critical. The amputation prevention clinic is designed to help patients avoid amputation due to PAD via the most current approaches such as pedal access catheterization.

Aneurysm clinic
Patients diagnosed with an aneurysm are evaluated in the aneurysm care clinic to determine if they are candidates for an endograft, a noninvasive procedure to repair the aneurysm. Patients who are not candidates for this procedure are referred to a surgeon for treatment.

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) and stroke prevention clinic
The heart rhythm specialists in the atrial fibrillation clinic evaluate and manage patients with newly diagnosed or long-standing AFib. This clinic offers prevention of thromboembolism, including anticoagulation and left atrial appendage suture device assistance.

Pulmonary hypertension clinic
The pulmonary hypertension clinic provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with high blood pressure in their pulmonary arteries. Experts will make recommendations for non-invasive and/or invasive procedures to confirm the diagnosis and to establish the cause.

Structural heart and valve clinic
Patients with structural heart defects and complex valve disorders are evaluated for treatment in the structural heart clinic. Specialists in this clinic utilize advanced techniques for managing various conditions related to the structural limitations of each patient.

Vascular medicine clinic
Circulatory disorders can lead to a variety of conditions requiring specialized care including but not limited to: arterial disease, Buerger’s disease, cerebrovascular disease, fibromuscular dysplasia, or vasculitis.


Patients may call the Heart and Vascular Center directly at (260) 435-7612 to schedule and appointment. For information about specialized heart care available at Lutheran Hospital, visit


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