Allen County Highway Department Update – 11:15 a.m.


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Update from the Allen County Highway Department:

Allen County Highway Department Update – 11:15 a.m.

As of 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, the Allen County Highway Department reports the following roads are closed due to high water:

  • Branning Rd. at Homestead Rd.
  • Branstrator Rd. from Lwr. Huntington Rd. to Yohne Rd.
  • Yohne Rd. at Ellison Rd.
  • Ellison Rd. from State Police Post to Yohne Rd.
  • W. Hamilton Rd. at Aboite Ctr. Rd.
  • Aboite Ctr. Rd. from W. Hamilton Rd. to W. Co. Line Rd.

In addition, Houk Road from Maples Road to Rohrbach Road and Rorick Road from Lortie Road to Moore Road are closed after high water washed out those sections of roadway.

The following roads are not closed but have High Water Warning signs in place:

  • Bass Road from Hadley Rd to Scott Rd
  • Cook Road from Butt Rd to Felger Rd
  • Fogel Road from McComb Rd to N. Co. Line Rd

Motorists should use extreme caution and avoid driving through flooded roadways — even if there are no warning signs visible. According to the National Weather Service, most flash flooding deaths are vehicle related. Six inches of standing water is enough to cause passenger cars to stall and a foot of water will float many vehicles. Again, motorists should never drive through flooded roadways, especially if the water is moving rapidly, and never drive around the barriers warning you that the road is flooded.



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