IPFW Food Service renovations bring fresh concepts to on-campus dining


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News release from IPFW:

IPFW Food Service Renovations Bring Fresh Concepts to On-Campus Dining

(May 26, 2015) — Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) is excited to announce a series of renovations to campus dining that will transform the facilities from a few branded national chain options to concept-based dining featuring fresh, healthy food options.

The renovations are a result of input gathered from surveys and discussions with students, faculty, and staff as well as input from the IPFW Food Services Committee to create a modern and fresh dining experience.

“Campus asked and we answered,” said Jay Harris, director of physical plant, who is overseeing the renovation process. “The food venues on campus are being remodeled to provide a contemporary high quality space for gathering and dining. Multiple seating configurations will be available for students, faculty, and staff to find an environment in which they can comfortably dine, have a conversation, or study. Food serving spaces will be configured to accommodate a wide variety of food offerings and to allow options from full “home cooked meals” to “grab and go” sandwiches, salads, fruit, and beverages. The new food venues will be popular places to meet, greet, and eat.”

The IPFW food services redesign idea started a few years ago when campus faculty and staff visited Purdue North Central and other universities throughout the state and saw a vibrant campus culture that revolved around fresh food options. The idea sparked and the IPFW Food Services Committee was born to explore how similar options could be offered at IPFW.

“We want to create a vibrant and functional gathering space for our students, faculty, and staff that advances the university’s commitment to build a better campus community,” said Cyndy Elick, director of purchasing and head of the IPFW Food Services Committee. “By revamping our food offerings to provide more culinary options that suit a variety of student diets and schedules, we will enhance the quality of campus life.”

The renovations began May 11 after the completion of finals week and the completed renovations will open August 14 in Kettler Hall and Walb Student Union with Aramark debuting as the university’s on-site dining services company.

Kettler Hall and Walb Student Union will be reconfigured to accommodate restaurant-type seating and will feature food options such as:

  • savory hot food options (Walb Student Union)
  • salad bar (Walb Student Union)
  • deli-style made to order sandwiches (Kettler Hall)
  • guest restaurant with rotating special feature foods (Walb Student Union)
  • gluten free/vegan options
  • beverage stations

In addition, a new grab-n-go option will be available during breakfast, lunch, and dinner at both locations. The grab-n-go option will feature a variety of:

  • pre-made sandwiches and wraps
  • soup and chili
  • pasta salads
  • leafy green salads
  • coffee/tea, juice, Pepsi products, and bottled water

In addition, Walb will feature a new coffee shop that will be open early as well as late for students who attend evening classes.

Don’t see anything on the menu that sounds good? Let the IPFW Food Services Committee know. To assist the university and Aramark in gauging the dining satisfaction level of the campus community, the Food Services Selection Committee is transitioning into the Food Services Advisory Committee, comprised of students, faculty, staff, and Aramark representatives.

“The Food Services Committee will meet regularly to bring campus input to the table and make additions or changes to food options,” said Elick.



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