FWPD Public Service Announcement-IV Heroin Drug Users Beware


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Alert from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

FWPD Public Service Announcement-IV Heroin Drug Users Beware

(May 16, 2015) – The Fort Wayne Police Department along with the Allen County Coroners office are presently investigating three deaths that have occurred in less than 24-hours as a result of “suspected” heroin overdose.

The deaths have all occurred in the northwest central area of the city. The potency of the heroin being sold on the streets is such that the user will almost certainly require immediate medical assistance once injected.

Officials recommend that if you have a family member or friend that is a known IV drug user to check on their well being and too inform them of the potential risk associated with injecting this narcotic.

Anyone with knowledge of a person or persons distributing heroin is asked to contact police and report the activity immediately. Your phone call could very well save the life of a loved one and remove this tainted supply from our streets. Call 260-427-1222.



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