2ForU gives schools the opportunity to visit two venues with one click


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News release from the Embassy Theatre:

2ForU Gives Schools the Opportunity to Visit Two Venues with One Click

(May 1, 2015) – Eight local field trip destinations are collaborating to bring schools a new program called 2ForU. 2ForU is a collaboration between the Botanical Conservatory, Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne Youtheatre, Lindenwood Nature Preserve, McMillen Center for Health Education, Salomon Farm Park, Science Central and The History Center.

2ForU allows schools/teachers to visit one website and register to visit two field trip venues in one day. This will help schools to work more efficiently and will also help with the availability and cost of bus transportation by scheduling two venues for one field trip day. Many of the venues have discounted their per-student fee or offer a value-added experience to the educational visit.

Field trips offer experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom environment while still meeting required curriculum standards. Regional schools will now have eight field trip destinations that are working together, allowing for increased learning for students.

To schedule today or for additional details, visit www.fwembassytheatre.org and click on education.


About the Embassy Theatre
Built in 1928, the historic Embassy Theatre features national productions from the Broadway stage, concerts of all musical formats, cinema, educational programming and a continued commitment to young people. For more information, visit www.fwembassytheatre.org.


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