Sen. Liz Brown discusses first half of 2015 legislative session


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Video will be posted later today or tomorrow from the news conference.

News release from Indiana Senator Liz Brown:

Sen. Liz Brown Discusses First Half of 2015 Legislative Session
Brown’s Transportation Funding and Fetal Remains Bills Pass Senate

STATEHOUSE (February 26, 2015) — Today, State Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne) discussed the first half of the 2015 legislative session. This week marks the halfway point of the session, which means Senate bills will now move to the House of Representatives and House bills will move to the Senate for further consideration.
Of the four bills Brown filed this session, two were passed by the Senate.

Senate Bill 478 would allow a redevelopment commission to fund school and public transportation costs. A redevelopment commission overseeing a tax increment financing area may work with a local legislative body to redirect property tax dollars to transportation needs. SB 478 passed the Senate by a vote of 45-5.

“I urge the House to pass my transportation funding bill because I believe it will greatly help Allen County’s transportation needs,” Brown said. “I am aware of how the Fort Wayne Community Schools’ decision to cut bus service was adversely affecting my constituents.”

Brown credits her former Fort Wayne City Council colleague, Mitch Harper, with bringing this innovative funding idea forward. He testified in committee in favor of this bill, sharing how it would support jobs and students in our community.

Senate Bill 329 would require the Indiana State Department of Health to provide rules explaining how abortion clinics dispose of aborted remains. It also allows a pregnant woman to determine the final deposition of the aborted remains. SB 329 passed the Senate by a vote of 43-7.

“This legislation corrects an oversight in Indiana law,” Brown said. “Last year the General Assembly passed a law concerning fetal remains resulting from a miscarriage, but the state does not have clear rules on the disposal of aborted remains. For example, Allen County Right to Life’s Cathie Humbarger testified at the bill’s hearing about how an unborn baby’s body was found at the Fort Wayne water treatment facility in 2012. I believe this bill will ensure that situations like the one in 2012 won’t happen, because state law will clearly define proper protocols.”

Two other bills that Brown filed did not receive votes and will not advance. They were Senate Bill 346 – expenditure and transfer of CEDIT funds – and Senate Bill 479 – evaluation of solid waste management districts.


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