AFP Applauds House for Repealing Common Construction Wage law


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AFP Applauds House for Repealing Common Construction Wage law
Ending government-mandated wage would be a great victory for taxpayers

INDIANAPOLIS (February 23, 2015) – Americans for Prosperity today applauded the Indiana House for passing HB1019, repeal of the Common Construction Wage, which provides for a government mandated wage for all public construction projects. AFP and other opponents of the project point out that the wage inflates labor costs and imposes a heavy burden on taxpayers.

“Hoosiers should be proud of the Indiana House for passing legislation to end government-mandated wages for public construction projects which could save the state potentially millions,” explained Chase Downham, Indiana state director of Americans for Prosperity. “This legislation continues Indiana’s reputation as the beacon of fiscal responsibility in the Midwest. Signing this bill into law will place Indiana miles ahead of its regional neighbors in terms of economic competitiveness. Less money spent on inflated public contracts means more money in the pockets of hard-working Hoosiers and more economic activity boosting job creation and overall prosperity in our great state.

Americans for Prosperity urges the state Senate to quickly take up and pass HB 1019.”


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