Parkview physician first in state to implant custom knee replacement


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News release from Parkview Ortho Hospital:

Parkview Ortho Hospital/Ortho NorthEast physician first in state to implant custom knee replacements

(February 10, 2015) – Dr. William Berghoff recently became the first orthopedic surgeon in Indiana to begin performing knee replacement procedures using customized implants specifically designed to match the anatomy of each patient. These implants use 3D printing technology as part of the production process.

The implants, known as ConforMIS iTotal® knee implants, are designed based on a CT scan of each patient’s knee. The implant and all of the surgical instruments are designed to be used only with that patient. Using this unique and custom approach helps patients return to a better quality of life more quickly as most experience less pain and less swelling, contributing to a quicker rehab and recovery process.

“Having the ability to use a custom knee implant for each of my patients that is better sized and aligns better with each patient’s unique anatomy dramatically improves the overall experience,” said William Berghoff, MD, orthopedic surgeon, Ortho NorthEast. “I feel this is truly an industry game-changer. These implants allow for a more natural feeling knee replacement allowing my patients to function much like they could before their surgery.”

ConforMIS customized knee implants are developed using imaging technology that creates a detailed 3D “map” of the patient’s knee. 3D printing technology is then used to create a precise wax mold of the implant. The mold is then used to create the metal components of the implant. All of the surgical instruments needed for the procedure are also produced using 3D printing and are calibrated for use only with one implant and for one patient. They are used only once and are then discarded, eliminating the need for repeat sterilization when instruments are used in more than one patient.

“Parkview Ortho Hospital and its physicians are committed to innovation, finding the most effective options for surgery and using technology to its fullest with the intent of finding improved ways to provide custom care to each of our patients,” said Julie Fleck, COO, Parkview Ortho Hospital. “In this case, we’re offering our patients an advanced approach to knee replacement with the intent of helping them get back to doing the things they love.”



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