Parking meters removed from Freimann Sqaure



AFW is sometimes late in noticing things. The other day, we had to go to the Rousseau Center and parked in the lot on the north side of Freimann Square. When we went to feed the meter, we only then noticed the parking meters had been removed. Curiosity won out, so we contacted the City of Fort Wayne for the reason why.

Angie Davis with the Fort Wayne City Clerk’s office, which has responsibility for Parking Control, shared the following with AroundFortWayne in an email:

The meters were removed from the lot and the lot at Freimann Square around August.



There was not much use of the meters other than at Festival time, and with the offices that have moved
around, it was decided to make better use of the meters. The meters are expensive and so now they have a few spares and can move them around to other locations. The lot at Freimann Square is still a 2 hour lot, and the tires will be chalked for overtime parking. They have posted sign indicating it is still a 2 hour lot.

It sounds like more fiscal responsibility on behalf of the City Clerk and City of Fort Wayne. And AFW appreciates more free parking in an area of downtown where parking is sometimes at a premium.



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