SCAN Duck Race donation canister stolen

Weigand SCAN Duck Race

News release from SCAN:

SCAN Duck Race Donation Canister Stolen

(June 18, 2014) – A donation collection canister in support of the 26th Annual Weigand Construction Duck Race to Benefit SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect) was stolen off the counter of the Mac Food Mart at 12635 Coldwater Road earlier this week.

Mac Food Mart employees stated the donation canister was nearly full when it was stolen off the front counter on Monday, June 16. Security tapes show what appears to be a man taking the canister and putting it under a jacket while the employee’s back was turned. Mac Food Mart has filed a police report, but SCAN is not pressing charges. Canisters located around the city collect around $100 each in support of Duck Race and bring in a total of $3,000 throughout the six weeks of the Duck Race.

SCAN is disappointed that the canister was stolen. Change canister donations, duck sales, and event sponsorships support SCAN’s mission to prevent child abuse and neglect in our community. As of Tuesday, June 17, the agency has raised $141,424.97 with the help of community partners, such as Mac Food Mart. With the duck race being this Saturday, June 21, the agency still must raise more than $27,000 to meet this year’s fundraising goal of $168,500. The duck race is SCAN’s biggest fundraiser. Each and every dollar raised supports SCAN’s ability to provide parent education, therapy, and crisis services for the children and families who have experienced or at risk for abuse or neglect. Through prevention and family preservation services, SCAN is ensuring children are not beaten and battered, left to deal with lifelong trauma. SCAN is teaching moms and dads to manage their anger and prevent the cycle of violence.

For more information about how you can help SCAN or with the duck race, please call/email Leslie Ludwiski, Events Coordinator, at 421-5000, x2318 or

SCAN, Inc. Indiana Gaming License # 133338.

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