7th annual IPFW Open presented by Turnstone

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News release from Turnstone:

7th annual IPFW Open presented by Turnstone

(May 30, 2014) — On May 30th through June 1st, Turnstone, joined by IPFW, will present the region’s 7th Annual IPFW Open Presented by Turnstone. 14 Athletes will compete for $2,500 in possible tournament winnings. This event is sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association. 3 athletes will be participating in a tournament for the first time. 2 Turnstone athletes from Fort Wayne will also be playing this weekend.

Friday, May 30th —Kicking off the Tournament will be an Up/Down social from 6:00pm-7:30pm. This is a ‘doubles’ where one partner is standing `up’ playing and the other is sitting ‘down’ competing in a wheelchair.

The Wheelchair Tennis Open will be held on Saturday, May 31, 9am-6pm and Sunday, June 1, 9am-3pm. Spectators are free. The tournament will be held at IPFW on the Dr. Rudy and Rhonda Kachmann Tennis Courts.

Schedule & additional details is posted at: https://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=148100


About Wheelchair Tennis
“The rules of wheelchair tennis are the same as stand-up tennis, except the wheelchair player is allowed two bounces of the ball. Wheelchair tennis provides persons with disabilities the opportunity to share in activities with their peers and family, whether able-bodied or disabled. Playing wheelchair tennis adds to socialization and the normalization of life after sustaining a disabling injury. Proficient wheelchair users can play and actively compete against stand-up players. A wheelchair tennis player must have a medically diagnosed, mobility-related disability, with a substantial or total loss of function in one or more extremity.” (https://www.usta.com/en/home.html)

About Turnstone
Founded in 1943, Turnstone empowers people with disabilities by maximizing their independence. The agency’s mission is to provide therapeutic, educational, wellness and recreational programs to empower people with disabilities, and it is the only not-for-profit in the region that offers a full range of programs and facilities designed to meet the unique needs of people with disabilities. Turnstone’s website.

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