City Utilities commits to continue service for Huntertown residents

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News release from Fort Wayne City Utilities:

City Utilities Commits to Continue Service for Huntertown Residents
Huntertown Town Council Terminates Contract


(April 26, 2013) – Fort Wayne City Utilities will continue to provide sewer treatment services to the residents of Huntertown despite the Huntertown Town Council’s decision to terminate the sewer contract with City Utilities.

“As a regional sewer provider we are committed to and take seriously our responsibility to the health and safety of area residents. I assure residents of Huntertown that they will see no interruption of service and we will continue to meet their vital daily needs,” said Kumar Menon, Director of City Utilities.

Three years ago, in 2010, the Huntertown Town Council sent a notice to Fort Wayne City Utilities terminating its contract for sewage collection and treatment effective April 27, 2013.

Beginning Monday April 29, 2013, sewage service will continue to be provided – but the town will pay government rates in accordance with Fort Wayne City Code 51.073 and 51.074.

The contractual relationship between Huntertown and City Utilities dates back to 1985 when Huntertown abandoned an underperforming sewage treatment plant that discharged to the Willow Creek, a tributary to the Cedar Creek. Huntertown then turned to City Utilities to provide service. During this time City Utilities has partnered with Huntertown to see tremendous growth that led to it being one of the fastest growing communities in the State.

As a Regional utility provider, City Utilities contracts with 12 communities throughout the County. These contracted communities set rates for the customers in their individual communities. City Utilities does not set residential and business rates for those contracted communities, including Huntertown.

Leading water and sewer experts say a regional approach to utility services eliminates duplication and spreads the cost of services among more customers which keeps everyone’s rates lower. In fact, some states are actively working on legislation to consolidate operations and create regional utilities to provide more affordable and higher quality utility services to residents in a way that will protect valuable resources such as lakes, rivers and streams.

“City Utilities is an award winning and nationally recognized provider of sewage treatment and collection. We know we can provide the service to Huntertown customers at affordable rates that will support the town’s growth needs and protect the environment. ” said Menon.

City Utilities remains committed to negotiating a contract with Huntertown that is guided by consistent business and financial principles that are fair to all ratepayers.

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