Local author on Amazon

Local author, Natalie Ellis, has two books on Amazon.com, available for Kindle download.


Ex-cop Jack Wiley agrees to do a favor for his psychologist brother: kidnap a client to help her overcome merinthophobia (fear of being bound or tied up). Hard to believe a woman would pay $50,000 for the pleasure, but who’s Jack to argue? He’ll play the game until she gives him the sign to stop and take her home.

Molly Rhoades crawls under the covers after a long day working as a news reporter. But a surprise awaits her. A man emerges from underneath her bed, duct-tapes her hands and mouth, and loads her into a van. She finds herself in a basement with a kidnapper who keeps asking her for the sign. What sign? And will solving the puzzle guarantee her life or death?

When Jack finds out who Molly really is, he knows someone set him up. But who, and why? Now Molly has a newsworthy story, but will her attraction for Jack spare him?

Natalie says the idea for the book came to her when she worked at WKJG TV33 years ago. She classifies the book as romantic-suspense and it’s not recommended for those under 18.


Newbie writer Megan O’Malley promises to fulfill her friend’s deathbed wish to write a TV pilot about a place halfway between Heaven and Earth. Her friend was the aunt of Trinity Shine, a deceased actress. Megan’s fingers fly and the script practically writes and sells itself, as if by divine intervention. Megan can’t wait to get to the island chosen for filming.

Alex Granger is an A-list director until his star actress, Trinity Shine, overdoses. He blames himself. Now he hides from Hollywood. But Trinity’s producer husband guilts him into directing one final TV pilot. Alex can’t sleep at night, as traces of Trinity haunt him. He hopes he can find peace on the set.

Megan realizes she can speak with the ghost of Trinity if she holds Trinity’s necklace. In reality, Trinity IS halfway to Heaven, and can’t reach her destination until Megan convinces Alex he didn’t cause Trinity’s death. Megan breaks through Alex’s defenses, but Trinity’s opening to Heaven grows smaller. The island becomes invisible to everyone but its hapless inhabitants. Next, their communication equipment malfunctions, and the ocean keeps rising. Now the island’s residents are castaways on a sinking tomb unless Megan can save the day.

This book is a paranormal suspense. About Natalie Ellis.



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