Allen County “Burn Ban” to be lifted Friday at noon

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News release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:

Allen County “Burn Ban” to be Lifted Friday at Noon
Officials stress drought not over; urge residents to use common sense

(July 26, 2012) — The Allen County Board of Commissioners today announced it will lift the countywide emergency “burn ban” at noon on Friday.

But county officials also stressed that while conditions have improved in recent days, the drought continues and residents should use extra caution and common sense if they choose to burn once the ban ends.

“Our residents have been very cooperative and understanding since we first issued the burn ban on June 15,” said Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters. “Now that the ban is about to be lifted, we hope that they will continue to realize the danger that exists and will act responsibly.”

The lifting of the burn ban means any municipal ordinances which restrict burning or require the issuance of permits are reinstated. For example, the lifting of the countywide burn ban does not apply to residents within Fort Wayne City limits. Restrictions still remain in place consistent with City Ordinance in regards to open burning.

Burning permits usually are not required in unincorporated areas of Allen County. However, there are procedures and limitations for burning. Under Title 8, Article 20 of the Allen County Code, burn piles must be at least 20 feet away from owned structures, roads or power lines and 100 feet from any fuel storage area, pipeline or non-owned structure. Burning is only permitted between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and must be done during safe weather conditions. Wind speeds should be less than 20 miles per hour and burning cannot take place during an Air Quality Action Day. Only clean wood or untreated wood products, brush and leaves that originat-ed from the property may be burned. The material must be burned in a noncombustible, ventilat-ed container.

Local or state officials have the authority to extinguish a fire if it is determined to be a nuisance, pollution problem or threat to property or public health.

County officials also suggest:

[list type=”black”]
[li]making your burn pile no higher than three feet at a time;[/li]
[li]if you have a larger pile, notify your local fire department BEFORE you burn; and[/li]
[li]have a water source and shovel on hand to extinguish the fire if needed.[/li]

For those who need to dispose of debris but would prefer not to burn, material can be hauled to either of the two Allen County Solid Waste District supported compost sites — National Serv-All at 6231 MacBeth Road or Fort Wayne Biosolids Handling Facility at 5510 Lake Avenue. Both sites charge minimal fees for composting. More information is available at the district’s website —

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