No change in Burn Ban status for Allen County

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News release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:

No Change in Burn Ban Status for Allen County
Dangerous drought conditions remain despite recent rains

Despite the rain that Allen County has received over the past couple of days, the Board of Commissioners’ emergency declaration and burn ban due to the severe drought will remain in place.

The Commissioners’ office has received a number of calls inquiring as to whether the ban would be lifted following the thunderstorms that occurred Wednesday and Thursday.

However, County Homeland Security Director Bernie Beier and Mike Feely, president of the County Fire Chiefs Association, have told Commissioners the rains were not enough to offset the dry conditions which continue to pose a threat to residents and property owners. In addition, ponds which some fire departments rely on for their water supply to fight fires are dangerously low.

Activities banned as part of the order include:

[list type=”black”]
[li]Unpermitted ignition of fireworks;[/li]
[li]Camp fires;[/li]
[li]Bon fires;[/li]
[li]Unpermitted controlled burns;[/li]
[li]Burning of yard and household trash;[/li]
[li]Burning of construction debris;[/li]
[li]Burning of organic debris;[/li]
[li]Discarding of unextinguished smoking materials of any kind on the ground or not within an enclosed fireproof receptacle; and[/li]
[li]Non-commercial burning of material other than for religious or ceremonial purposes which is not contained in a barbecue grill and the total fuel area does not exceed 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.[/li]

The Commissioners will continue to monitor conditions and consult with Homeland Security and the Fire Chiefs Association to determine when the ban should be lifted.

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