Headwaters Park damage from last Friday’s storm

News release from Headwaters Park Director Geoff Paddock:

Headwaters Park Damage

(June 29, 2012) – hDue to this afternoon’s storm, there has been significant damage to Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne.

Geoff Paddock, Executive Director of the Headwaters Park Alliance, is reporting as many as 30 trees have been damaged or destroyed due to high winds. In addition, toppled trees have uprooted sidewalks and damaged fences in the grassy areas of the park. Debris and tree limbs are scattered throughout the park and west parking lot. Clean up, which has already begun, will take days, perhaps weeks. However, this should not affect any festival activities, particularly the upcoming Three Rivers Festival, scheduled to begin on July 13.

There appears to be no damage to either the Lincoln Financial Pavilion on the east side of Headwaters Park or the Madge Rothschild Pavilion, located on the west side of the park. Both pavilions will be hosting events this weekend. The Lincoln Pavilion will host a Latino Festival, scheduled for Sunday July 1. The Make a Wish Foundation will host a fund raising walk at the Rothschild Pavilion tomorrow, June 30.

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