Dump the Pump – Save Some Green – Ride the Blue

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News release from Citilink:

Dump the Pump – Save Some Green – Ride the Blue

With the return of higher gas prices Citilink will join with other members of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) to participate in the seventh annual National Dump the Pump Day on Thursday, June 21.

“The 2012 Dump the Pump Day is a national public awareness campaign that emphasizes the benefits of using public transportation. It is also a day for people across the country to make a difference as they conserve gasoline and help our environment,” stated Citilink Asst. General Manager Betsy Kachmar.

As reported by APTA, benefits of public transit include:

[list type=”blue”]
[li]Households can save an average of $10,000 annually by downsizing to one car.[/li]
[li]Public transportation produces less pollution per passenger mile than private vehicles. Want to lose 20 pounds? One person dwitching from driving to public transit can reduce emissions by 20 pounds per day – over 4,800 pounds a year.[/li]
[li]Every $10 million invested in operating public transit yields more than $32 million in economic returns.[/li]
[li]Public transportation provides personal mobility and access to jobs, education, services, shopping & recreation for people from every walk of life.[/li]

Unsure about how to ride a Citilink bus? Give Citilink a call at 432-4546. Customer service representatives will help you plan your trip. You may also check out the new trip planner on the Citilink website www.fwcitilink.com and find instruction on how to ride the bus and use current schedules.

Hop on the bus and wave to the gas pumps as you go by…

Here’s the link to get the Dump the Pump graphic and further information.

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