Fort Wayne Winners: Every contest, every winner, one place

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Fort Wayne Winners: Every contest, every winner, one place

Local businessman Ron Timmons announces the launch of, a one-stop shop for consumers and businesses to connect through promotions. provides national and local advertising to audiences interested in promotional prizes. The Fort Wayne focused website is a pilot, as Timmons has plans to bring the concept to other cities nationwide. For example, consumers in southwest Ohio would be directed to Indianapolis is next on the list for test markets. Each location will add 15-20 jobs, with plans for 30 jobs locally placed here in Fort Wayne, IN.

This future family of websites ( is a win-win for both consumers and businesses. On the consumer end, these promotions are aggregated in one location to view, enter, and participate. They can also click on a link that will allow them to enter one company’s promotion, or all participating companies’ promotions, with a single entry on one website. Additionally, consumers can opt for coupons from legitimate companies of interest to be sent to their mobile device or email, all through the website. The website is secure, and the users will receive no spam or unwanted communications or pop-ups.

Businesses–in any consumer focused industry–can reap the rewards from the concept in several ways. First, the website serves as a consumer reporting agency for promotions, a means for companies to comply with government regulations. For example, when a winner has been selected, the company can post the winner’s name on the website. Additionally, when a consumer opts to enter all promotions/contest, this provides the company access to the consumer’s email and/or phone number, to further engage them with future offers. Last, the company benefits from cross-promotion. Advertisements will be placed on billboard, radio, television on a per-market and national basis. Social network marketing, text message marketing email marketing and other venues will also be used to promote the website.

Package options for companies are available at various price points. Mr. Timmons maintains that he wants to focus a cost effective means of marketing for the small to mid size business’ with the same type of marketing A mobile strategy is the wave of the future and having consumers “opt in” is a sure winner for businesses and consumers alike. The company is currently accepting applications for administrative, marketing and executive positions via He is also seeking support from investors.

For more information about Fort Wayne Winners, contact the company direct, (260) 247-3067 ext 4, or e-mail


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